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News CADE’s Superintendence orders the presentation of two unnotified transactions
por admin publicado 30/09/2015 última modificação 28/04/2016 13h58 — registrado em: , , , , , , , , ,
One of the transactions refers to the acquisition of Banco Carrefour by Banco Itaú; the other concerns a codeshare agreement between TAM and Trip
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News CADE clears Dabi Atlante and Gnatus Merger
por admin publicado 26/11/2015 última modificação 03/05/2016 16h24 — registrado em: , , , , , , ,
The approval was conditioned to the divestment of the brand “Gnatus” and to the end of exclusivity with distributors and technical assistance service suppliers
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News TeX document Hypermarcas purchases Olla and Jontex
por assint publicado 27/09/2013 última modificação 03/05/2016 16h06 — registrado em: , , , , , ,
Cade authorized two operations through which Hypermarcas joined the condom market
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News CADE is the finals for the Public Management Innovation Prize
por assint publicado 30/10/2013 última modificação 02/05/2016 15h30 — registrado em: , , , , ,
Premerger review regime is among the 20 actions competing to the ENAP Prize
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News Acquisition of American Chemical by Oxiteno cleared by CADE
por assint publicado 22/11/2013 última modificação 02/05/2016 15h30 — registrado em: , , , , ,
Operation was cleared without restrictions
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News Cade imposes restrictions to Allpark’s acquisition of parking areas
por assint publicado 29/11/2013 última modificação 12/04/2016 14h32 — registrado em: , , , ,
Main objective is to avoid duopoly
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News Cade’s Superintendence renders opinion on Kroton-Anhanguera merger
por assint publicado 04/12/2013 última modificação 12/04/2016 14h47 — registrado em: , , , , , , ,
Cade’s Tribunal will render the final decision
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News CADE blocks deepening of business relations between Vivo, Telefonica, and Tim
por assint publicado 05/12/2013 última modificação 12/04/2016 14h53 — registrado em: , , , , , , ,
The two decisions given by the Council involving Telefonica reinforced the understanding that the two mobile phone groups must continue independent.
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News SIS package CADE approves deadline extension to Kroton and Anhanguera merger analysis
por assint publicado 20/12/2013 última modificação 12/04/2016 15h00 — registrado em: , , , , , ,
Strong competition concerns motivate an in depth examination
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News CADE imposed a BRL 3 million fine against OGX for gun jumping
por admin publicado 28/08/2013 última modificação 02/05/2016 15h33 — registrado em: , , , ,
The Tribunal decided that the transaction was completed before Cade’s approval
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