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The Group

The coordination between Brazil, Russia, India and China was informally initiated in 2006 and is currently undergoing institutionalization in different areas. The engagements of the BRICS group are structured in two areas, namely, coordination in summits and international organizations; and the development of a multisector cooperation agenda between its members. The BRICS group comprises five members (South Africa joined the group in 2011, on the occasion of the BRICS 3rd Summit) and the internal activities of the group encompass approximately 30 different areas, with emphasis being placed on the financial-economic area.


BRICS International Competition Conferences

The BRICS International Competition Conference is held biannually and the cooperation agenda of the group emphasizes areas of social relevance, comprising the pharmaceutical, automotive, telecommunications, construction, oil and gas markets. The joint efforts developed by the national antitrust agencies aims at mitigating their cultural and institutional differences in order to allow more fluid and active cooperation between the BRICS countries. The presence of national authorities on the International Competition Conferences demonstrates the commitment from all the BRICS countries on promoting a culture of fair competition and efficacy of public policies.


BRICS Biannual Competition Conference Host Cities (2009-2017):


2009 – Kazan, Russia

2011 – Beijing, China

2013 – New Delhi, India

2015 – Durban, South Africa 

2017 - Brasília, Brazil - to be confirmed


Memorandum of Understanding between the Competition Authorities of the BRICS: access here.